December 14

Peer Learning Call

1. Welcome

2. Check-In


For those of you who have not been able to use the wiki as a journal, what’s holding you back? What help do you need?

  • It isn't always the most convenient task, but when people do share in their journals it is valuable for others to see what they're doing

  • What to share: updates on work, insights, and examples of products: editorial calendar, social media policy, strategy document, training materials

  • Useful to get a reminder via email

  • Commit to last five minutes of coaching session to write or share something on wiki journal

Share a success from your FFL work this past month that is related to an idea or technique that you learned about in Houston? What are some challenges/issues? What questions do you have?

3. Peer Assist

Experimented with asking their advocates through email to share their stories on FB as part of a virtual event
  • Useful to do a scan and mointor politicians social media presence and how they use it. Request to be their friends on FB

  • If politician responds to a story or content on a social media channel, follow up with them to see if they write a blog post
  • Experimented with getting more engagement on Twitter/FB and tracking it

  • On FB, tracked reach and virality to see what resonated

  • Consistent posting on FB keeps people engaged and getting the message out, when they don't post it drops off dramatically
  • Set up an editorial calendar and using themes each week - creating FB/Twitter content that matches theme

  • Goal is to get the staff and other UWs comfortable as a first step

  • Second step: tracking what resonates and sharing with the group

  • Event generated a lot of interaction, capturing it in rowfeeder

  • Had a number of partners with large networks participate

  • Metrics to look for: stickyness (number of RTs, how long the hashtag keeps being tweeted beyond the event)

  • Analyze your spreadsheet and look for partners to build in the conversation. Ask them to write about the issue

  • Tweet directly to legislators

4. One minute of reflection

What is your takeaway from the call? Type into Chat
In thinking about your Feb 2012 goals identified in Houston, what’s your first step?

Next Action Steps/Reflections
  • Use themes in editorial calendar

  • Write in journal, share best practices

  • Evaluate our members' current level of engagement on FB/Twitter


FB Insights Spreadsheet

Find legislators on Twitter!/verified/us-congress/members#!/cspan/members-of-congress/members

Twitter Chats
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Editorial Calendar
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Chat log from call