Pre-Work: Share a link to your ACA Social Media Post that worked well



Slides: FFL all-states call 4 27.pdf

Chat: Chat log FFL call 4.27.12.docx


1) Welcome and roll call (5 minutes)

2) Check In (10 minutes)
  • What did they try coming out of last month’s webinar on metrics? What worked? What didn't? What is working best for them?

3) Debrief from ACA anniversary (20 minutes)
  • Momsrising presentation: http://www.bethkanter.org/twitter-aca/
  • Showcase what some of the groups have done so far on slides
  • What did people find helpful? What worked well? What was the impact (e.g., policymaker retweets, new email sign-ups, etc.)?
  • Do you think there was something that could have been done better? Was it strategic/did it further your cause?

4) What free apps are available to enhance Facebook pages, how do you install/use them and what limitations do they come with (like a limited number of free installs)? (20 minutes)
  • This was a question from one of the teams. Do you have any insights you might be able to share?

5) Close and next steps (5 minutes)

Facebook Apps Roundup:

What Twitter measurement tools?

Crowdbooster does a great job of tracking your retweets. Here's a few more analytics apps

Rowfeeder is particularly good for tracking events, hashtags, and conversations to do a content analysis.