Twitter Resources

A "Twitter 101" document created for internal staff learning how to use Twitter
A listing of healthcare hashtags for use on Twitter:

Twitter Hashtags to follow

Twitter Handles for FFL Participants!/kanter/cfc-ffl

National Lists


State Lists






Ideas for Twitter Challenges/Scavenger Hunts for Staff

  • Find a new hashtag and use it successfully
  • Tweet a photo you took with your phone
  • Follow 5 new people that interest you
  • Schedule a tweet using HootSuite, Tweetdeck, or another service
  • Find and sign up for a link that will track your clicks
  • At a conference, tweet at the end of each session with a main point, important quote, or biggest learning moment
  • At a conference, direct a tweet to a speaker thanking them for their presentation, asking a question, or responding to something they said
  • Search for a topic or hashtag you are interested in
  • Create a Twitter lists
  • Reply to someone's tweet and get them to respond to you
  • Tweet something that draws a connection between something you learned and something you're working on that you can link to on your organization's website
  • Trade twitter handles with a colleague
  • Use a social media tool to determine your most effective time of the day to tweet
  • Gain 10 new followers by following less than 10 people
  • Use #FF to list a few people you enjoy following