Getting Started

The materials listed below offer an accessible introduction to Beth Kanter’s nonprofit social media engagement strategy and answer some basic questions about social media in general and Facebook in particular. Please review them in advance of the July 27, 2011, launch webinar.

  1. Facebook SMARTly– Beth’s blog post outlines eight actionable lessons for strategic Facebooking, including setting SMART objectives like the ones we’ve used together in our Finish Line planning efforts. This short but content-rich post is a good first read.
  2. Facebook Hub– The project’s Facebook group is a great way to start learning-by-doing and a safe space to have conversations we can all share but others cannot see. The group’ s name will be accessible, but we can then limit access, so only our grantee teams, the coaching teams, and the Foundation and its partners can see specific conversation threads. Once everyone has joined the group, we may remove the group name from the public search directory.
  3. The Project Wiki – This easy-to-use resource is a combination filing cabinet and journal, where you can find documents, record your progress and challenges, and chat with colleagues about both. While this wiki will not be password-protected, it will also not be generally accessible to those who do not have the wiki’s specific URL.