Getting Help. Who to Call?
Your Finish Line coach should always be your first call. He or she will know the most about your organization’s particular social media engagement plan and your broader children’s health communications strategy, so your coach is always best able to provide tailored counsel.

The Spitfire Friending the Finish Line coaching team works collaboratively, so your coach can also help you to connect with other coaches who have particular expertise or experience gained from working with other grantees. Elizabeth Curwen leads Spitfire Strategies’ Friending the Finish Line work and she can answer questions about the project as a whole.

Spitfire Coaches:
  • Molly Tsongas

  • Elizabeth Curwen

  • Liz Clark

The Packard Foundation is always available to answer questions about the objectives, expectations, and operations of the project.

Foundation staff:
  • Liane Wong
  • Mary Ho

One of the Foundation’s hopes for this project is that it will encourage you and other grantees to explore the power of social networking as a capacity-building approach. The grantees-only Facebook page and wiki can both serve as effective forums to pose questions and share ideas and answers.