Thank You!
The FFL conference was a lot of fun! We hope you also found it an informative and inspiring opportunity to learn and begin implementing new tools and strategies. This page offers a reminder on the process for submitting your reimbursement forms, which are due by November 23rd. It also includes the slideshows and other materials used by presenters.

Reimbursement Form and Instructions
This instructions sheet describes reimbursable expenses and filing processes. Please note that your reimbursement forms are due by November 23rd.

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Agenda and Associated Materials

Welcome and Networking Exercise
Liane welcomes the group and introduces the TA team. Then state teams introduce themselves and give rapid-fire speed-dating-styled updates on their FFL work.
Liane's slideshow
The Art of Content Curation
Beth introduces a curation approach to social media content development and highlights best practices. First Focus President Bruce Lesley and United Way – California Public Policy Director Judy Darnell offer virtuoso case studies using Twitter
Beth's slideshow

Bruce's slideshow

Judy's slideshow

Twitter Resources
MomsRising’s Layer Cake Strategy
MomsRising connects online engagement with real-world activation to make a bigger impact. National Campaign Director Donna Norton will provide an overview of their “Layer Cake” approach to advocacy campaign strategy, and FFL teams will begin baking their own layer cakes.
Donna's slideshow
SMART Objectives – Art Gallery
Each FFL team writes one Facebook plan objective on a flipchart sheet, and others stop by to learn, compare notes, and make their objectives even SMARTer.
Photographs of Posters
Learning = Results
Every success and every setback is a learning moment for MomsRising. Campaign Director Ashley Boyd will provide a quick overview of MomsRising’s approach to measuring what matters.
Ashley's slideshow
How We Built a Social Media Policy and Lived to Tell the Tale
Sara Eskrich provides an overview of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families’ efforts, focusing on why they built a social media policy, how they built it, and what’s next.
WCCF draft policy (as of 11/3/2011)
The Children’s Issues Editorial Calendar
Bruce is back to talk about how national advocacy partners can help you develop interesting and engaging Facebook content – and how you can return the favor.
Bruce's slideshow